Fees Associated With Selling a Home

It is important to enter into the sale of your largest investment with your eyes wide open. It is very important to me that you understand where every dollar goes and that you have a complete understanding of what you will net at the end of the transaction. Having a firm understanding of this will allow us to price your home appropriately and insure that you know your potential profit at the end of the deal. When we meet, I will provide you with a complete accounting of fees that are typical in Texas. This ‘net sheet’ will then provide you with the detailed view of expected costs and keep everything front and center.

Typical fees to close in Texas:

  • Mortgage Balance
  • Prepayment penalty (if exists)
  • Title Insurance
  • Pro -rated taxes for current tax year
  • Transfer Tax if applicable)
  • Pro-rated dues such as HOA, water/ sewer (as applicable)
  • Contracted items as per the negotiation: buyer’s fees, appraisal, transfer fees, HOA, Home Warranty
  • Real Estate brokerage fees